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  • Wow, I would've never thought about having a courier service be able to get my birth certificate for me until the guy from TX Vital Records told me about contacting a legal courier. I'm so glad he was sharp and that I found Pro Courier. I spoke w/another company before I called you and they sounded so unprofessional, not someone I would trust to go pick up my birth certificate. I'm glad I found your company online.

    Kindra Shenoy
  • Our firm has relied on Pro Courier for over 20 years. We trust them implicitly with sensitive and intricate pick-ups and deliveries that require speed and intuition. They are on time, courteous and smart about their work. They have an understanding of our needs that goes beyond just making deliveries. Duane and his team are an important component of how we successfully conduct our firm?s business. Other delivery services have asked us to give them a try but we know Pro Courier is the best!

    Linda S.
    PublicFinance/Bond Counsel
  • Duane and Pro Courier are the most trustworthy courier service I have ever worked with. We have to obtain Birth Certificates for our clients that are applying for overseas work visas. We have tried several of the big name national services, we now use Pro Courier exclusively in Austin for Texas Birth Certificates. When Duane says he will walk your application through the same day he receives it, it will be done. Others promised this level of service, but never “delivered”. With Pro Courier we know it will be done as advertised. You can't go wrong with Pro.

    Sergio, Manager
    International Relocation Service
  • I'm a legal secretary with a firm in Dallas. We started using Pro Courier Service to handle our Austin courier needs a couple of years ago. Duane and his crew always handle our "delicate" request in the most professional and discreet manner. We love Pro Courier!!

    Dana Lewis
    Dallas, TX
  • Dylan is a true professional. He has been outstanding helping me get these deliveries out and I am grateful. I deal with so many people each day who do not seem to take pride in their work, so it is a real treat to run across people I have confidence in and trust. Kudos to you and Dylan. If I could work with folks like the two of you regularly, life would be easy.

    Thank you,
    M Davis.

    Administrative Assistant
  • I found Pro Courier Service online when I learned that the Houston Consulate had rejected a vital document form that I had submitted for authentication. I had to start the entire process all over again, with less than a month to go before my current visa ran out. Duane arranged a courier in Dallas to get a new set of original documents, got them authenticated in Austin, and had them overnighted to the visa agency within 36 hours of my initial phone conversation with him...He responded promptly and professionally to all my communications and immediately anticipated a problem that would have caused my documents to be rejected a second time. -- Robert M. (overseas)


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